Thursday, July 24, 2008

put your kitchen on a diet!

That's's time to put your kitchen on a diet. Are your counter tops cluttered with paper, dirty dishes, homework assignments and take-out menus? Is your refrigerator ready to explode? Here is a SIMPLE 3-step plan to reclaim your kitchen once again.

PURGE: Even the best chef doesn't need five whisks and seven spatulas...2 of each will do! Go through your drawers, cabnits, pantry and all other areas where you store kitchen items. Donate any extra utensils, dishes, serving pieces or appliances that you no longer use. Any items that you use on a seasonal basis (holiday dishes, bread maker, punch bowl) don't need to be stored in the kitchen. Put these items in the basement, garage or hall closet to free up more kitchen space.

Also, go through your refrigerator, freezer and pantry and throw out any food items that are expired, spoiled or past their prime. If you are ever in doubt about whether your food item is expired, I always suggest throwing it out...better safe than sorry!

PREVENT: The best way to keep your kitchen clutter free is to prevent anything but food and kitchen items from entering the kitchen. Also, make it a goal to keep only the things you use on a daily basis out on the counters. Put everything else in your cabnits or pantry.

PRACTICE: Now comes the hard need to try to keep up on your "kitchen diet" which requires practice and some type of maintinane routine. Get in the habit of setting a timer for 15 minutes every night and use that time to clear off your counters and throw out expired food. You will be surpried how much you get done in just 15 minutes...and before you know it it will become second nature. Don't try to do it all at once, take it a little at a time...Practice makes Perfect!

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