Saturday, July 26, 2008

summer saturdays

It has finally dawned on me that July is nearly over and the end of Summer will soon follow. Although I have always welcomed the arrival of Fall, there is something about long, sunny, Summer Saturdays that make me set aside my to-do list and get outside to enjoy the wonderful weather while it lasts.
So today, I encourage you to do the same. Set aside your to-do list, even if only for a couple of hours, and spend some time with your children, your family or just relax with a good book. Here are some Summer Saturday ideas for you to try out!

1. Make a big breakfast: it won't be long until everyone will be back in school and you won't have time to sit down for a breakfast together. You can get the whole family involved...and maybe even squeeze your own orange juice!

2. Go for a walk: it's amazing how even a short walk on a sunny day will boost your energy and give you a more positive outlook on the day. You can take pets, kids, your spouse...or as I prefer, just go alone and have some time to think!

3. Cut flowers from your garden and create an arrangement for your house or your friend: bringing a piece of nature into your home creates an instant summer feel.

4. Eat a picnic lunch or dinner: it doesn't have to be anything fancy and it could even be from a restaurant...just find an excuse to be outside.

5. Turn your yard into a treasure hunt for your kids or your neighbor kids: write clues and hide small prizes throughout your yard. Have a small snack at the end.

6. Visit a local farmer's market and purchase fresh, home-grown produce.

Anything you can do to soak up the last weeks of Summer is well worth your time. Before you know it you will have homework, sporting events, holiday parties and all the busyness associated with that time of year. Make time will be glad you did!



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