Friday, August 1, 2008

new uses for ice-cube trays

Have you ever thought about the organizational possibilities of an ice-cube tray? Probably not...but lucky for you, I have and I'm sharing them with you! The trays are actually very useful for many things besides making ice. Oh, and if you have any other ideas on how to use an ice-cube tray, please...let me know!

-stack the trays in your sock drawer and use the individual compartments to hold rings, pairs of earrings, small pins, etc. They don't take up much room and provide tons of storage.

-instead of buying those expensive desk organizers, why don't you just buy an ice-cube tray. You can store paper clips, tacks, pins, rubber bands, erasers, coins, stamps and more in these conveniently stackable organizers.

-are you working with beads or another craft project that uses small piece? Keep them organized in the individual ice-cube compartments. At the end of the day, they will stack up for easy storage and clean up.

-let your children get creative and explore their artistic side. Put a different color paint in each compartment and let your child's imagination soar. (You can also use this for your own painting projects too!) Cover the tray tightly with plastic wrap and the paint should stay usable for several days.

-keep a stash of ice-cube trays on your workbench to store extra nuts, bolts, screws, nails, washers and other small hardware that you'll need easy access to. The small compartments make it easy to organize all the different sized pieces.

-not only can you freeze water in these trays, you can freeze baby food, sauces, broth, herbs, and tons of other food for easier storage and transportation. The next time you make a big pot of soup, just pop in a few broth cubes and couple herb cubes and you are good to go. No more chopping or measuring!

-organize your buttons, needles, thread, pins, thimbles and all your small sewing accessories in these handy compartments. The next time you need something, you won't get poked by misplaced needles.

-you don't need to pay one of those machines in the groccery store to organize your coins. Simply instruct your children to put 10 of the same coins in each ice-cube compartment. You will easily be able to count and role the exact number you need...saving you lots of time and improving your children's math!

-store different varieties of seeds in each compartment. You can even label what is in each one so spring planting will be a breeze. Just make sure to keep the trays in a cool, dark space during the winter months.

As you can see, the possibilities of this organizational tool are virtually endless. The next time you are at the dollar store, pick up a pack of ice-cube trays and start organizing!

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