Tuesday, October 28, 2008

get organized...save money

We’re all concerned about finances right now and looking for ways to save money. It strikes me that making some basic organizing principles part of your daily life can have a big impact on your ability to cut costs in your household. I often tell my clients that getting organized is really just a matter of making simple organizing habits a routine part of your life. Think about using these concepts to help you save money in your home.

Simplify – One obvious way to save money is to cut back on how much you spend on acquiring new things. By getting organized you reduce the number of times you go out and buy new items that you may already have but just can’t find. It’s also a basic organizing principle that the less “stuff” you have, the easier it is to organize and stay organized. Try focusing on keeping only the things you truly love or realistically need. You’ll be less overwhelmed by clutter you otherwise need to store, clean and maintain. And you’ll have more time and energy left to do other things.

Plan Ahead – Planning ahead can help you save time, effort and money in so many areas. Take just a little time each day, or at least a couple times a week to plan ahead on things like your meals for the week (reduce the number of times you grab something on the go), make a list before you go shopping (stick to the list and reduce the amount you spend on impulse buys), complete errands grouped by location (save on gas).

Establish Systems – Simple systems can help you save money. Set up a location to keep bills and schedule a date to pay them (avoid late charges). Keep coupons in your purse, wallet or car so you have them with you when you’re likely to use them. Assign homes for things so you know where to find things (you won’t have to purchase replacements).

Identify Priorities – When you’re looking for ways to simplify and cut expenses, you’ll likely have to identify priorities and make choices about what is most important to you. Think about what you spend money on, what you spend your time on, and what takes up space in your home. Anytime our resources (time, money and space) are limited, it can be especially helpful to keep only those things that you need and/or love in your life.

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