Wednesday, October 29, 2008

plan for a stress free holiday

Stressful holidays are not fun for anyone. At the end of yet another hectic holiday season, several of my clients promise themselves that "next year will be different!" If you are tired of saying something similar to yourself each year, try getting yourself organized NOW for the upcoming holiday season. Here are some suggestions to try:

Get a binder and fill it with paper. Also get dividers, labels, page protectors, pens, and a calculator. Use this as your Holiday Organizer. Shopping lists, gift ideas holiday recipes, guest lists, schedules, etc. can be located easily.

Buy your Christmas cards as early as possible. Also buy stamps. Make sure you have enough cards the first time so you don’t have to do this task again. Keep cards with you and fill them out whenever you have spare time, such as your child's soccer practice, waiting in your car for your child to come out from school, vet's office and just whenever you have a few free minutes. Try setting aside time every evening to get some cards done. Stamp as soon as you have sealed a card. This year you will be ahead of the game and can get your cards mailed out early instead of just before New Years.

Try to do as much of your holiday shopping online and mail order. When you do need to go to the mall for holiday shopping, it is best to go early in the morning or early afternoon. Try to avoid weekends and late afternoon/evening times.

Keep all gift-wrapping supplies in one location, or better yet, a portable container of some type. Have gift tags, tape scissors, ribbon, bows and whatever else you might use in wrapping your gifts inside. This is a great way to not waste time searching for the tape! Also, if you wrap as you buy, I guarantee Christmas Eve will be more relaxing!

If you will be going out of town for the holidays, make a master packing list early. If you will be flying, do not bother wrapping gifts. They will be unwrapped at the airport. It is best to mail presents ahead of time, so they will be there when you arrive.

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