Wednesday, October 22, 2008

simplify your holiday gift list

Holiday shopping doesn't have to be a stressful occasion. There are several ways to simplify your gift list and get everyone something they will enjoy. Below are a list of ideas!
  • Buy the same gift for everyone...It works and saves tons of time. Let's say your family enjoys outdoors sports. You can buy everyone a colored scarf in their favorite color. You can even have each monogrammed to further personalize them.
  • Another possibility is a Christmas ornament for everyone. It's easy to purchase one for each person on your list, and even easier to find ornaments for every personality and style.
  • Yet, another thought is sticking with a theme, such as movies. Everyone on your list gets a new DVD and/or 2 movie tickets, and a box of theater-sized pop corn or.
  • Finally, you can always opt for the perfect gift...and gift card! It's not the most personal option but you can definitely find one for every person on your list this year.
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