Friday, November 14, 2008

make room for the Holidays

Do you plan to do any shopping for the members of your household over this upcoming holiday season? I’d be willing to bet that’s a big y-e-s! If you’re planning to bring some new items into your home as part of the holiday festivities, now is a terrific time for some of your older items to make their exit.

In a nutshell, now is a terrific time to create space for the holidays and all the clutter that it brings, and a great place to start is your kids’ closet! Even though going through your child’s closet or play room in November may not be the first thing that jumps to mind, it makes sense on so many fronts.

Going through your child’s things now gives you some perspective on how much stuff he or she really has. This is important info to capture in your mind and take with you when you go shopping. As you go through your child’s things, think about what he really needs. Based on how much he already has, how many gifts make sense?

Take advantage of the calm before the holiday storm and create some space now.

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