Friday, December 19, 2008

give "clutter-free" gifts

As clutter goes, gift clutter is one of the trickiest forms of all. People often feel they must keep a gift indefinitely simply because it was a given to them by someone they care about. As you finish up your holiday shopping in the next week, keep this in mind, and think in terms of clutter-free gift options.

The best way to ensure someone will use and love a gift you give them is to ask for gift ideas ahead of time. If you’d rather surprise your gift recipient, think in terms of consumable gifts—items like gourmet coffee (hold the mug!), fancy jams and jellies, or even mixed-nuts. Experience gifts like tickets to a movie, dinner out, or a massage gift certificate make for special, clutter-free gifts.

Whatever gift option you decide, make it a point to give gifts without strings attached. If you purchase something that could potentially end up as clutter, put your gift recipient at ease by including a gift receipt. Include a note letting your friend know you want them to have something they’ll love and enjoy and if what you selected doesn’t fit the bill you’d love them to use the gift receipt.

By thinking clutter-free in your gift giving, you help spread the joy of the season without spreading potential clutter!



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