Friday, January 16, 2009

kid's paper

Getting control of paper is one of the most important steps in organizing a home. It can be a great first step to reducing clutter. However, so many people I work with are buried in paper…especially families with school-age children. Every day they bring home more art projects, report cards, special stories, poems, projects, etc…where do you go with them all?

My suggestion is to have a “best work” binder:

When the kids come home from school, just save all the papers for a week, then at the end of the week the kids and mom or dad pick out two favorites to keep.

Using a 3-hole punch, put the saved papers in a binder and recycle the rest.

One binder per school year and at the end of 12 years, you've got the best of the child's school work that you can just hand a college-bound student.

This is such a great option because you will decide as a family which papers and drawings should be saved and your child will feel great about the work in their “best work” binder. You could even have them decorate their binder to make it extra special. Then, when the child is old enough, you give them their binder and it is out of your house!

One other suggestion for younger children would be to pick one piece of art work each month to go in a special frame on the wall. The child should pick their favorite piece each month and you can insert it into the frame. After a year, they will have their 12 favorite pieces that you can put into a notebook or “best work” binder.

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