Tuesday, January 20, 2009

laundry overload

Do you feel like you are constantly overloaded with laundry? Most busy families have more laundry than they can keep up with...I’m sure you can relate! So what can you do to make it more bearable? Here is a suggestion that might just help!

Give every family member his or her own laundry basket (distinguished by color). When it is laundry time, bring the baskets into the laundry room so the clothes can be washed. As clothing comes out of the dryer, put them back into the respective baskets. Then, family members can come and collect their stuff and take it to their rooms to be folded, hung up and put away. After the clean stuff is put away, the family members return their baskets with the next soiled pieces of laundry.

Another helpful idea is to have one additional basket for anything that is missing buttons, needs repair, etc.

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