Thursday, January 8, 2009

live a simple, organized, and carefree life

What would it be like if your life was simple, organized, and carefree? What does organized, simple, and carefree mean?

SIMPLE: easy to understand, not elaborate, not ornate or luxurious, not complicated or complex, sincere, not sophisticated.

ORGANIZED: to form into a whole from parts, to systematize, to give structure, to combine into an organization, or to arrange into a desired pattern or structure.

CAREFREE: without anxiety or fear, requiring little care, free of worries and responsibilities.

So what do these terms mean to you and how can you achieve a SIMPLE, ORGANIZED and CAREFEE life?

Here is how…

1. Identify your priorities, values, and goals both long term and short term: It might be a job, our family and friends, good health, community involvement, etc. Keep in mind your personal values and also your goals for the future. Always think ahead and at the big picture.

2. Evaluate how you spend your time: Do your priorities match up with your time? One way to check this out is to list your top 4 or 5 priorities and then take a schedule and map your time out for one week. Is there any overlap between the schedule and your list? If not it might be time to look at re-evaluating your time and whether some of the things you are doing are really valuable.

3. Begin simplifying
ONE area of your life: Start small and with one area of your life that will allow you more breathing room and space. It might be your wardrobe, media distractions, your kitchen, meal planning, etc. Other areas might be paperwork, bill paying, closets and drawers, or organizing a room or area within your house that particularly bothers you or takes up too much of your time.

4. Live simply: It comes down to the rule 'don't let your stuff own you.' How much stuff does one family or one person need or use? Do you have too much stuff? Does your life, mind, and space feel cluttered? Are you living outside your means because you buy too much? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, re- evaluate all the stuff cluttering your life that is preventing you from living a simple life.

5. Live healthy: Remember to take care of your body, since you only get one in a lifetime. Make time for exercise, healthy food, plenty of rest, and water (the necessities of life). You may be surprised if you follow these 4 simple guidelines how much better you may feel, how much less you may get sick, and your how much your health may improve.

6. Find spiritual peace: Living simply is not just about your personal space but also about your mindset and your heart. Live honestly, help others, and be the person you truly want to be. Allow yourself to live life to the fullest. This might mean taking a hard look at yourself and your life. Are you the person you want to be or have things gotten out of control? Find your control and be the person you want to be.

7. Find something you love and do it: Everyone needs to find a creative outlet and something they enjoy doing and can be good at. There is a wide variety of choices that can be made here including gardening, painting, sculpture, and writing, flower arranging, knitting, or sewing among a wide variety of other choices.

Regardless of your definitions of living simply, carefree, and organized, there are always ways you to improve. Remember it is not instantaneous and will take time, but it is possible for everyone.

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