Saturday, January 17, 2009

organize creatively

Organizing and creativity go hand in hand... and organizing can be fun!! Here’s why. First, its way more fun to add a dose of creativity to your organizing projects. But there’s something else important at play, too. If you love your freshly organized space—if it really makes you happy—you’ll be much more likely to keep it organized going forward. Adding creative elements to your organizing projects makes any space more lovable.

Use the ideas below as a starting point to infuse your organizing projects with a dash of creativity.

Use creative labels: Sure a label-maker is functional, but using craft supplies to label your organizing projects is functional and fun! Creative labeling can be super simple and give you delightful results. Purchase some pre-made tags, a spool of ribbon in your happiest color and a fine-point black marker. Then, add a creative label to everything from pantry shelves to pails…and everything in between.

Create systems that “think” like you do: Adding creativity to your organizing isn
’t just about making things look creative. It is also about setting up systems that are customized with you in mind. When setting up organizing systems, tap into your thought processes. How do you think about things? How do you look for things? How do you do things? By approaching your projects using your own unique way of thinking, you’ll put together creative organizing systems that are uniquely suited for you.

Play with color: There are a number of ways to use color to add order and en
ergy to your organizing projects. First, you could select containers, such as brightly colored canvas bins, to add a dash of your favorite color to your space. Or, organize the items in your space, such as books on bookshelves and the shirts in your closet, by color. Grouping items by color gives your eyes fewer and more definite places to rest, adding an instant sense of order to your space. Plus, those pops of color will look fantastic, too!

Tap into the power of texture: It’s important that your organized space feels homey—a place you want to be. If you think an organized space feels sterile and lifeless, you’ll likely resist the process of creating an organized space. A simple way to bring life into a space, withou
t taking away a smidgen of order, is to use containers of various materials and textures. Pair the rough and natural texture of baskets, for example, with shiny glass jars with metal lids. Or, use wooden boxes and ceramic bowls, or canvas bins and brightly colored metal pails. You get the idea—use contrasting textures to infuse your space with life.

Trust your instincts: Most of all, when it comes to getting organized and adding a dose of personal creativity, trust your gut. If you think it will work and it makes you happy—go for it!

Now doesn’t that sound like fun! Start tonight…get creative, get organized and have fun!!

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