Monday, January 19, 2009

organize your computer

There's nothing nicer than having an empty Inbox and a computer that is quick, organized and efficient. All it takes is a bit of work now and you'll reap the benefits the entire year!

1. Inbox:
- Start by deleting any junk mail, spam, forwards, or any other mail that you have read and/or dealt with

- Go through the rest of the mail in your ‘Inbox’ and read and/or take action to respond to every e-mail you can.

- Delete the e-mails you just dealt with and file/archive the ones you have to hang onto

- Create folders for the different e-mails you archive (family, friends, work, church, ect)

- Go through your ‘Sent Items’ and delete as much as you can

- Finally, delete ALL mail in your ‘Deleted Items!’

2. Contacts:
- Delete any duplicates…but make sure you know which set of information is correct

- Delete any contacts you can’t remember who they are or why you have their details

- Have a system…either always go alphabetically by first name or by last name.

- Take some time to catch up with old friends!

3. Files and folders:
- If you don’t have any folders…now would be a good time to create some!

- Have a separate folder for every person in your family…and then subfolders for different activities, classes, projects, businesses, etc.

- Delete any files you no longer use, especially PDF books you've already read.

- Free up space on your hard drive by burning files or documents you need to keep for referencing later on. Make sure you label the CD so you know what is on it.

- If you have really important files, make sure you back them up regularly, either on a portable hard drive or on a CD.

4. Photos:
- First, delete any duplicates, blurry pictures, or any that are GREAT!

- Categorize those that are left by even or simply in chronological order.

- Burn your photos to disc (for back up) and delete the files from your hard drive. Again, remember to label the CD so you know where you pictures are stored.

- Take some time to open a ShutterFly account to share you pictures with friends and family.

- Print off a bunch of your favorites and actually enjoy your pictures!

This year, resolve to apply the one in-one out principle. For every file you download, delete one. Drastic? Maybe, but it works! You will be amazed at how much more efficient your computer will be…and how much more efficient you will be as you work at your computer!

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