Monday, January 12, 2009

schedule some "me time"

Let me guess…you are super busy? Trying to balance work and family, not to mention household chores, errands and everyone different schedules can drive you crazy…right? Unfortunately, when we get busy, our own needs and wants often fall by the wayside. But the reality is that in order to perform all your duties everyday, sometimes you need a little bit of a break and that's where 'ME time' comes in.

We all need and deserve some time for ourselves each and every day. It does not have to be long--sometimes even 5 or 10 minutes is enough time to rejuvenate and recharge our batteries. So… from a cup of tea, to a good book, to a half hour walk or anything in between, let's all make an effort to incorporate 'ME time' into our schedules. Here are some ideas of where to begin!

1. Mind set: realize that everyone needs a break now and then and it's important to recognize when you are feeling stressed, tired, or anxious. Taking time for one's self daily will help lessen the possibility of burnout, stress, and anxiety.

2. Delegate: Not every chore or errand must be handled by you. Spouses, teenagers, older children, and even friends or neighbors can handle some of the daily activities around the house. For example, your spouse may agree to clean up the kitchen after you have made supper. Children may agree to help clean the bathroom or their own bedrooms each week. Teenagers may help by looking after younger siblings or if they have their driver's license may be willing to pick up dry cleaning or run to the store. Keep in mind that people are not mind readers! They must be asked politely to help out around the house.

3. Find what you enjoy: You must find an activity you enjoy. Most of all, you should do the activities (crafts, baking, gardening, physical activity, etc.) you enjoy.

4. Use as a reward: After a hard day at work or doing housework, use 'ME time' as a reward or relaxation. You deserve a nice break, so make some time for you every day. Set up a system that gives you an appropriate reward for so many hours worked or so many chores accomplished.

5. Hire help: Sometimes, in order to squeeze out a few extra minutes a day, we must hire help. For example, a neighborhood teenager may be willing to help with outdoor chores, walk the dog, or baby-sit. The 5 or 10 dollars is a great investment, if it helps you find time for yourself.

6. Do something nice for someone else: Sometimes we want to find more time to contribute to various charities or to volunteer with an organization. Allow that to be your time away.

There are many ways to enjoy your 'ME time' while allowing yourself not to feel guilty; you just need to remember… 'You are important, and you must take care of yourself in order to help take care of others.'

So take a break and enjoy a few minutes just for you every day! Your body, mind, and soul will appreciate it.



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