Thursday, February 26, 2009

clean up the kitchen

As I mentioned earlier this week, I have spring cleaning on the brain. So the spring cleaning theme is continuing as we turn our attention upward…to the tops of your kitchen cabinets. Have you looked lately to see what’s lurking up there?

In most kitchens, it’s not just your run-of-the-mill-everyday-dust. It’s that dust that’s been infused with a bit of kitchen grease! Once you get that mess cleaned up—you never want to do it again. I’ve had lots of questions on how to easily get rid of that grease and just recently, I came across a great tip!

Once your cabinet tops are clean, line them with paper such as newspaper or paper bags. Simply cut or fold the paper to the size of your cabinet tops, and walk away. In a few months, instead of scrubbing and cleaning away the grim, you simply change your paper! Viola! A clean cabinet top in no time!

**This also works really well for refrigerator drawers too…just line them with a sheet or two of paper towel and your next cleaning session will be a breeze.

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