Thursday, February 19, 2009

clutter confessions

Just so you don't think you are alone in your quest to manage your clutter, here are some confessions from my faithful clients and readers. Don't worry, they are all anonymous!
"When things get really out of hand, I'll scare myself clean by inviting friends over. While I
don't care if laundry is in piles on the floor, I certainly don't want anyone else to see it!"

"I keep all my tax return documents in the bathroom, interspersed with my makeup. At least that way, I'll never have trouble finding them!"

"My biggest clutter issue revolves around freebies, like those mini cosmetic samples that are just too cute to get rid of. Now, I make sure they're stacked in front of my makeup case so I use them up before the regular stuff."

"I try to give away the clothes my kids have outgrown, but if I can remember a specific event when the outfit was worn, I just have to keep it. Now, I have boxes of too-small clothes stored in my attic!"

"I own more clothes than I'll ever wear, but I made a rule: Anything that I haven't worn in a year must go to the local thrift store -- and I stay firm by asking my boyfriend to make sure I enforce it!"

"My desk at work is littered with pink and yellow sticky notes, I have a sea of loose documents dotting my screen, and my email in-box is nearing full. I haven't lost anything important, but I fear I'm tempting fate."

"When I get totally fed up with the toys and magazines my kids and husband leave around the kitchen, I go on strike and don't clean or cook until my husband gets the hint and cleans. It's effective!"
See, now you probably don't feel as bad!
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