Thursday, February 12, 2009

get control of your time

Do you need to get control of your time? Often when people struggle with keeping their homes and offices organized, the source of their challenge is not just physical clutter, but finding the time to keep things organized. When you already have a busy schedule, finding the time to organize can feel like one more task that you have no time for.

To get more done, make organizing more of a priority in your day-to-day routine. A small investment of your time each day will have a big impact on how organized you are, and how much you can get done.

Here are some other strategies that can help you find time in your day whatever needs to get done.

  1. Schedule time (like an appointment with yourself) to organize or complete other routine tasks.
  2. Schedule interruption-free time when you can get things done. Close your door, let the phone go to voice mail and don’t check your email.
  3. Have a way to capture thoughts that interrupt your current task. Keep a notebook or record ideas on a PDA so you’ll remember the thought that interrupted you, while you can stay on-task with your original plan.
  4. Create routines to give your day structure. You’ll be able to plan your days and be more productive if you have a consistent routine.
  5. Use only one calendar as a means to keep track of appointments and tasks.
  6. Write everything down so you aren’t trying to keep track of things in your head.

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Blogger Kim said...


I'm signed up for your class next Wednesday - looking forward to it!
Also, I'm trying to get a couple of friends to come along!

February 12, 2009 at 9:34 AM  

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