Friday, February 27, 2009

get creative with your clutter solutions

Last week I did an organizing event at Ridgewood CRC in Jenison, MI. I spoke mainly about closet and kitchen clutter and how to eliminate it for good! One thing I really tried to convey is that you DO NOT need to go out and purchase organizing tools until you have first looked around our house to see if you have any creative (and free) items that you could re-purpose into wonderful storage options.

Well, I’ve heard that a lot of people have taken my advice to heart and I’ve received several e-mails from people telling me of their ideas, here is one creative idea for your kitchen clutter:

“I love to have certain things sitting out on my counter for convenience sake, but I don't like for my counters to look cluttered or disorganized.

I found a nicely decorated ceramic canister set in my basement and I use the large one as a cookie jar, the next to hold cooking utensils, the next for tea bags and/or cocoa pouches, and the littlest one to hold my husband's powdered creamer right next to the coffeemaker.

It works so wonderfully and has eliminated a lot of the clutter from my kitchen counters. Thanks for encouraging me to be creative!”

What a cleaver idea to use something that is just taking up space in basement storage and re-purpose it to corral kitchen clutter! Let me know if you have any other creative storage ideas to share!

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