Wednesday, February 11, 2009

get an organized office in 5 steps

Wouldn't you like to have a beautifully organized office at the end of February?

Well, I'm going to set you a challenge. And here's how it's going to work:

STEP 1: Decide which section of your office you want to tackle for each of the next 4 weeks. Some areas that you could consider are paper, filing, computer files, email, desk, finances, business papers, school papers, etc.

I suggest you choose only one area each week so you don't become overwhelmed. Once you build up momentum from successfully completing one area, you'll naturally want to move onto the next, and the next, and the next. However, if you become overwhelmed, you might be inclined to just throw in the towel like you have before.

STEP 2: Set a deadline. You could use the work week to do your project or a weekend, or even just an hour or two. The time you'll need depends largely on the size of the project, and your lifestyle. There's no point in wanting to go through 10 boxes of paper in a work week when you have commitments every evening.

STEP 3: Decide on a reward for completing your project. Maybe you want to reward yourself with a beautiful table lamp when you finally organize your desk?

STEP 4: Map out your "how to" steps. I suggest that you take a big piece of paper for each project and break your BIG project down into MINI projects. Exp: on the computer, there may be household files, business files, personal files, photos, downloads, etc, etc.

STEP 5: Make yourself accountable to someone. Tell your family and/or your friends…you will be much more likely to follow through if you tell your plan to another person.

With any project, it's always more fun when you do it together with other people. Try to get friends or other family members involved to share in the “fun”!!

Won't it be wonderful to have a functional and organized space at the end of February?

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