Monday, February 2, 2009

organize your kitchen in 5 steps

The kitchen is often referred to as the center of the home…probably because of all the different activities that take place in the kitchen. For example: meal preparation, cooking, homework, crafting, paying the bills, entertaining, etc. There is so much “stuff” that needs to be stored in the kitchen that I don't think you can ever just leave the kitchen and expect it to stay neat and organized! Sorry!

So what can you do to make your kitchen a little more user friendly without constant maintenance? Here are a few suggestions…

1. Have clearly designated areas for each activity:

A spot for cooking, making lunches, homework, bills, etc.

2. Remove anything you don't use on a daily or weekly basis:

The more stuff you have on the counter, the more you have to clean and wipe down those appliances. Store other items in

your pantry, cupboards or basements and enjoy all that wonderful counter space.

3. Keep things where you use them:

Keep silver wear, glasses, dishes, etc. by the sink and/or dishwasher for easy clean up. Keep

potholders by the oven. The less “back and forth” you have, the more organized you will be.

4. Have a method of dealing with the paper:

The more paper you throw away, the less you have to file! Have an “inbox” and “outbox” to

sort mail, homework, recipes, invitations, etc.

5. Maintain regularly:

Sorry, I have to admit…there will be maintenance…but it will depend on how busy your

kitchen is. I simply do a quick 5-minute wipe-down of the counters after loading the

dishwasher and washing the dishes!

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