Saturday, February 21, 2009

quick fixes for closet clutter

Oh the dreaded closet...sometimes its almost scary to think about a closet organizing project because you never know what you might find! It is no surprise then, that closets are my client's number one request when it comes to getting organized. Their complaints of "not enough space" and "not enough time" fall on deaf ears because I know the real problem is often just too much stuff and lack of creative storage solutions!

I'm assuming everyone can use a little help when it comes to closets so here are some helpful ideas to think about as you embark on your next closet organizing project:
  • take EVERYTHING out of the closet...yes everything! It may seem overwhelming and it will take more time up front, but you will not be able to realistically know how much stuff you have and how to organize it unless it all comes out!
  • consider installing some type of closet system or having one built. This will maximize your space and create more organizing solutions.
  • try on all your clothes and get rid of ALL that you don't like, that don't fit, that are out of style, that aren't practical for your life style, or that have stains or holes.
  • hang your clothes in some type of order, either by color, by type (button ups, long sleeve, short sleeve, etc.) or by use (work, casual, formal, workout)
  • when you hang your clothes up, hang them so the open end of the hanger is facing out...then when you wear something, turn the hanger around. This will help you realized what you haven't worn after 6 months...and you can get rid of that too!
  • use shoe boxes for small accessories or garment care items
  • use belt racks for ties, belts, jewelry, scarves or other "hang-able" accessories
  • put an over-the-door shoe rack on your bedroom door to save valuable space in small closets.
Hopefully this will get you steered in the right direction. For more closet organizing ideas, visit my website:



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