Friday, February 6, 2009

quick tips for the bedrooms

Ahhhh...the bedroom! The place where everything gets shoved when unexpected guest arrive or when the mountain of papers on the dinning room table has to be moved for company. How can the bedroom possibly stay neat and organized?

From what I've experienced, the bedroom is a challenging room to keep organized because it's just so easy to shut the door! On the other hand, doesn't it feel good to go to bed and wake up to a neat and organized room. Doesn't it feel great to pick out your clothes from an organized closet and not have to go searching through piles of clothes all over the room?

A cluttered bedroom and closet creates a lot of stress for you...and can eat up a lot of time from your morning routine. So, here are a few tips I have for bedrooms. Hopefully they will help you get yours under control!

  • An old or antique dish or plate could be used to collect loose change on a nightstand or dresser. An old platter could be used to display bottles of perfume or cologne.
  • Clear plastic buckets or bins can be used in a child's bedroom to sort and organize toys by type such as Legos, marbles, crayons, dolls, or Matchbox cars. Label each with both a picture (from a catalog or the Internet) and the words. This will allow kids to learn where to put away their own belongings.
  • Hang hooks in your children's bedrooms to hang backpacks and jackets.
  • Keep several baskets or bags in your closet--one for items that need to mended, one for dry cleaning, and one for donating.
  • Hang hooks in your closet for purses, scarves, ties, belts, necklaces and tote bags.
  • Shoe boxes covered with pretty wall paper are great for holding silk scarves, hand purses or other accessories.
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