Tuesday, February 24, 2009

spring cleaning!

Spring is just around the corner…

Which means so is spring cleaning!

I’m actually excited to do some spring cleaning this year…and spruce up my home a bit. I’m planning to get a jump start on the cleaning this year before it gets nice and I’m lured back outside.

Step one is to organize my cleaning supplies. If you haven’t been through your cleaning supply cabinet in a while, perhaps you’ll want to join me for this quick tip that will move you one step closer to spring cleaning and of course spring!

Organize your cleaning supplies by sorting them into three groups.

Group 1 = supplies you never use: If you haven't used it in three years, you're not going to! Send this pile straight to your trash can.

Group 2 = deep cleaning supplies: Store these in a leak proof bucket or storage bin, out of the reach of children. Make note of what you have and make a list of any specialty items you may need to add to your collection. This way you’ll be all set when spring cleaning time rolls around.

Group 3 = the basics: These are your favorite products and tools, those you use every time you clean. Store your basics in a handled utility bucket or supply caddy (again, out of the reach of small children.) When cleaning day rolls around, simply carry your bucket from room to room—you’ll have everything you need right at hand!

Here’s to make spring just one step closer!



Blogger Kim said...

This is my goal for the week! Hopefully it will encourage Spring to arrive!

February 24, 2009 at 9:24 AM  

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