Wednesday, March 4, 2009

computer clutter: part 3 of 4

For the next 2 days I want to talk about an area of the office that may just be one of my favorite things to organize - your computer! We don’t have too look at computer clutter like we do physical clutter, so we often don't realize how much it affects us…but it does, believe me!

When you open your Inbox, you feel drained at the sight of all those emails, your computer runs slow because there's so many photos on there and when you enter the “My Documents” section, you can’t BELIEVE how much is there…and don’t know what most of it is!

Sound familiar? Here is third of the 4 places where you can de-clutter electronically. Check back tomorrow for more!

3. Photos:

Now that we've all gone digital, it's so easy to snap, snap, snap and then snap some more.

Download pictures regularly, delete the bad ones immediately and then save the rest to CD or DVD regularly to free up some space on your computer.

I only print beautiful shots (because printing is so expensive) so if I wouldn't want to print it, I don't keep it on my computer. If I do keep them, I name them meaningfully so I can find them afterward with just a few clicks.

I know...this touches your emotional clutter...but think how much more you will get to enjoy your photos if you are able to easily find the ones you love with out having to weed through doubles and triples of blurry, off-centered photos!

Start today...get rid of 50 photos off your can do it!

Don't forget to check back tomorrow for the final tip to de-clutter your computer!

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