Tuesday, March 17, 2009

go digital...get organized part 2

Do you have a home computer? What about a cell phone, digital camera, PDA, etc? Did you know that along with their intended purposes, these devices can actually help you get more organized too? This week, I wanted to talk a little bit about how you can use digital technology to get more organized. Check back for the rest of the week for more ideas.

Your Calendar:

Consider putting away your paper calendar…I know this may be difficult! Organizing your schedule and events using an online calendar can help you maintain a very organized system and give you the ability to share it with others. Online calendars can give you such options as alerting you to upcoming events by text messaging or e-mailing reminders to your cell phone and including all the holidays so you don't have to enter them.

Another nice function of most digital calendars is that your entire family can access the calendar from any computer or cell phone connected to the internet.

The program I use is COZI. It is really great because you can get updates send to your e-mail or phone and you can even create your grocery list and have it sent to your phone when you are at the store!

For more organizing ideas, visit my website: www.andreadekker.com

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