Wednesday, March 25, 2009

organizing gadgets & gismos

When it comes to getting organized, there are many gadgets and gizmos out there and many more coming out all the time. It can be overwhelming to the novice and even to the veteran organizer as to what items are the most beneficial when it comes to getting organized. Here are some helpful ideas to get you started.

1. Label makers are the ultimate organizing gizmos! Not only can you easily and quickly label all of the files in your filing cabinet, you can label any type of containers with their contents so everything is easy to find. This is especially helpful if you have multiple containers with different items, like craft supplies.

2. Over-the-door hook racks can add needed space in different areas of the home. In the bathroom, use this rack to hang robes, towels and blow dryers. In the bedroom, use it to hang scarves, belts or jewelry. In the mudroom, the rack is useful for hanging jackets, umbrellas, etc.

3. A very inexpensive and easy-to-use gadget is the shelf divider. Dividers keep anything that is stacked in piles, like linens, t-shirts, sweaters, etc., upright and organized.

4. Under-the-bed storage containers can be used to store seasonal clothing or accessories that you're not using, as well as seasonal blankets, sheets and other whites. These containers tend to be longer so you could store certain size rolls of paper and other gift-wrapping supplies.

5. Adhesive hooks come in a variety sizes and finishes from casual (white) to dressy (metallic). Use them to hang up decorations for any season. Adhesive hooks are great to store keys. They are also good for hanging up pictures and can go on the back of doors if you need to add extra storage for coats.

6. The pegboard has become a versatile organizing gadget that is especially useful when it comes to using empty wall space to maximize storage potential. Accessories are available to use with the hooks to give you the ability to hang a variety of items. Not only is it great to use in the garage to hang and organize tools, you can make the pegboard decorative with paint and use it in other areas of the home.

7. Over-the-door pocket organizers are a wonderful way to organize a variety of small items. Many of these organizers contain clear pockets for visual ease in finding an item. Use pocket organizers to store gloves, mittens and scarves. Also consider using it in the pantry to store spices, seasonings and small packets of gravy, etc.

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