Friday, March 27, 2009

take 5 minutes to change your life!

How would you like to start every day off on the right foot? Wouldn't you like to feel a sense of excitement as you start your day?

You CAN if you do something small for just 5 minutes a day.

It’s true, if you spend 5 minutes every evening planning the next day, your life will dramatically change.

So what do you need to do?

  1. Grab a bound notebook to capture your thoughts
  2. Ask yourself these questions:
    • Which 3 - 5 things, when accomplished, will move me towards my goals?
    • What is the best use of my time tomorrow?
  3. Think “effective” not “busy” – Busy means you're doing LOTS of things. Effective means you're doing the RIGHT things.
  4. Write down 6 tasks to do tomorrow (no more!)
  5. Number them in order of priority

Now you can relax and enjoy the rest of your evening and get a good night sleep because you have tomorrow all planned out!

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