Sunday, March 1, 2009

tip of the week (3/1/2009)

march 1 -- march 7, 2009
this weeks "tip of the week" was sent from Dawn from Bridgeville, DE

Dawn writes: " I have the hardest time throwing anything out and things have been sitting all over the house and in drawers, bags and boxes just waiting to go through. In the past, I've always asked myself 'what DON'T I need?' That is too difficult of a question because I can find a use for anything...someday. I changed my wording and it made a world of difference.

Now I walk from room to room and ask what items 'DO I really WANT' in my house? I look at themes for decorating and I look at functionality to help me make my decision.

I carry a box with me and put in all the items that I DO want, and then I see the rest that's left for the junk it is. It is so satisfying to sweep all the stuff I don't want into another box to junk or donate.

When the room (or house, in my case) is empty, I can go in with my WANT BOX and place my WANT items where I would like them to go without fighting for space.

Just changing how I phrase my question has freed my mind from all the possibilities and excuses that have stopped me from parting with years of accumulation. It's amazing how many items I thought I needed or would do something with and never did!"

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