Thursday, April 2, 2009

calling all get organized!

Below is a great article sent to me from Creative Home Arts Club, an online resource for all kinds of crafts. If you like crafts but find it difficult to keep them all organized (and I know a lot of people do!) you've got to read the article below and check out the attached links...they have some awesome new products available to keep all your craft projects organized!


It's not always convenient to craft on the run, but make it easy on yourself. Take along a Creative Options versatile new tote or box, and it will be a breeze to work in the car, the backyard, or when you're on vacation!

Unlike so many inconvenient things (like blouses that button up the back), it's great to see craft organizers created by people who actually understand how they're used. For example, the new Down Under Craft Tote has a zipper compartment in its bottom for magazines and project sheets to lie flat. No more crumpled instructions! That leaves the roomy inner pockets and compartments for supplies. The Grab N' Go line features totes, notebooks, and rack systems with utility drawers that move seamlessly from your work table to your car trunk.

Whatever your passion, there's a tote or box to fit your individual needs. For those who sew and go, there is a double-decker rolling tote with a removable top deck that easily handles your serger and sewing machine. Cool.

Now you have the perfect solution for fitting creativity into your busy life—take it with you!

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