Friday, April 3, 2009

stuff = time

As you know, I’ve been on a bit of a spring cleaning and decluttering kick lately. As part of this effort, a few weeks ago I decluttered my basement. It wasn't too bad but it still took a few hours of my day to clean, declutter and reorganize my things. Then I spend more time bringing a car load of stuff to a local thrift store. Then I spent still more time documenting what I brought to the thrift store for tax really dose add up!

So, was it a total waste of my time? No, not exactly. It had to be done but it still got me thinking more about how valuable my time really is.

The bottom line is this: stuff equals time.

Every item you bring into your home, whether it is food, clothing, jewelry, books, magazines or anything else, requires your time. Stuff takes time to put away. Stuff takes time to use and put away again when you’re finished using it. And ultimately, when you don’t want your stuff any more, it takes time to get rid of it—whether you donate it, sell it or simply pitch it in the recycle bin.

It’s easy to make the connection between stuff and money. Stuff costs money. But, as you go about deciding which items to bring into your home, remember this: stuff equals time.

Which items are worth your time?

Remember, clearing clutter is a two way street. It’s a mix of deciding what to take out of your home, and then, becoming intentional about what you bring into your home. As you purchase new items, ask yourself this question: “Is this item worth my time?” If your answer is a resounding yes—bring it home. If your answer is “no,” leave the item behind. Then, pat yourself on the back knowing that you’ve not only saved yourself some money, but you’ve saved yourself something even more important—your time. Take that time, and go enjoy it.

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