Sunday, April 12, 2009

tip of the week (4/12/2009)

april 12 -- april 18, 2009
this weeks "tip of the week" was sent from Jan from Acworth, GA

Jan writes: “Each month I collect at least two bags of stuff from my closets to donate. Once I gather it all, I check those off on a spreadsheet and then place them into our tax file for tax deductions. It makes me feel good that someone else is going to get use out of my donations.

Today, after receiving a call from one of the organizations to which I regularly give, I began my hunt through closets and cabinets. Pleasantly, I discovered that I had little left to donate.

What I have, I use. My closets are organized and have space. It has been a slow, but methodical way, which has worked.

Deciding on a couple of bags of things per month was much easier and less painful for me than trying to tackle this as one big overwhelming task. It has helped me establish a habit that I will continue far into the future."

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