Sunday, April 19, 2009

tip of the week (4/19/2009)

april 19 -- april 25, 2009
this weeks "tip of the week" was sent from Patrick from Abilene, TX

Patrick writes: “Do you have a closet packed with clothes, but 'nothing to wear?' Here's how I solved that.

In my hanging clothes closet, I put clothes that have just been cleaned on the far RIGHT. When I wear something, but it's not dirty enough to go in the laundry pile, I put it on the far LEFT. When it's time to choose what to wear, I pick from the CENTER of the closet.

This simple system rotates my clothes and keeps me from wearing the same clothes again and again. Also, if clothes stay in the center too long, this tells me I probably don't like them anymore and I donate them."

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