Monday, April 13, 2009

unclutter your desk

Many of us have some sort of office space. It can range from a home office, to a workspace, to a desk in any number of rooms within our homes or even a converted closet space.

It may serve many purposes, such as bill paying, scheduling (family calendar), filing various household papers and mail, and so on. Often an office space doubles as a guest bedroom or craft space.

What can you do to organize your office space? How much time do you waste in a day looking for items?

The state of one's office space, whether personal or business, seems to reflect upon ourselves and how organized we are. Have you ever walked into someone's office, stared in amazement at the sheer mess and volume of stuff in their space and wondered, 'How can this person function' or 'How often have they lost important documents?' Do you really trust them to perform their duties or a service?

Clear off your desk and other areas in your office- use boxes, laundry baskets, or trash bags to help sort items as you remove them from the desk and office space. Use the three box method:

Box 1- Keep
Box 2- Donate
Box 3- Trash

It is decision time. What do you need at your fingertips every day? Look at the purpose of your office space. What do you use it for?

Think about your organizing style? Are you visual, for example. Do you need to see everything (out of sight, out of mind?)

A lot of this is personal taste. You need to make a room that will function for you.

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