Saturday, May 2, 2009

3 teeny-tiny steps to get organized

Enormous, impossible, insurmountable… Is that how you view organization? Take a new teeny-tiny view on getting organized - and conquer an enormous and impossible feat.

For some reason, so many people equate getting organized with achieving an enormous and impossible feat; something that only some lucky people are capable of having. But in reality, just a few small organizing tips--a few little, teeny- tiny tips, applied with a positive attitude, can help you be more organized today, than you were yesterday.

a) My first teeny-tiny tip is to assign a home for the items that are strewn about. With one sheet of paper, a pen, and a half hour of time and you can list an appropriate home for most of the items that are cluttering your space.

b) Second, Once the items are put back in their places, get in the habit of putting them back immediately after you are finished using them. (this is the hard part!)

c) Third, designate a 'Pick-Up Time' every night. Basically, for 15 minutes each family member should join in and pick up any item out of place, and return it to it's assigned home.

I know it sounds simple…but that’s because it really is! Keep thinking “start small” because many teeny-tiny steps will add up to lots of organization!

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