Monday, May 4, 2009

4 solutions to e-clutter

My number ONE decluttering tip is one in, one out. I use this principle with clothes, with kitchen utensils and I use the exact same principles to keep my inbox, digital photos, PDF and other documents under control. Here are some other tips to eliminate electronic clutter (e-clutter):

1. Make time daily to delete emails. My goal is to have less than 10 e-mails in my inbox (and I get a lot of e-mail)… so I go through my inbox, sent items, folders, etc. every couple of days.

2. Choose photos as you download them When you download photos from your digital camera, choose the best ones there and then and delete the rest.

3. Declutter downloads regularly If you download checklists, forms, recipes and e-books regularly (like most of us do), set aside some time to regularly go through your folders to delete the ones you no longer find useful.

4. Have a maintenance plan Make a date with yourself for 15 minutes every week (starting this week) to eliminate your electronic clutter.

If you put these four steps into place, you'll be able to say good-bye to your e-clutter for good!

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