Tuesday, May 5, 2009

enlist accountability

A lot of people have been telling me that the nice weather is making it very difficult for them to want to get organized...does this sound like you?

If you are having trouble getting started, you might want to try to enlist the accountability (and help)of a friend, neighbor, family member or coworker!

Pick 2 dates that works for both of you and decide where you are going to start. The first date, you can focus on one person's house...then the second date, you go to the other person's house. You will have so much fun chatting and enjoying each other's company that you might just forget about the organizing projects in front of you. Also, it will help to have someone else to keep you on track if you decide to take a trip down memory lane!

One other idea, if you both have children, you could send all the children to the house that is not being organized and that will eliminate lots of potential distractions!

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