Thursday, May 28, 2009

how long does it take?

Next time you’re procrastinating on a task like going through the mail, decluttering the kitchen counter, or unpacking from a trip, ask yourself “how long will it really take?” Usually, the things we put off take a lot less time than we imagine they will. The more you dread a task, the bigger it becomes in your mind.

Pull out a timer, do the job, and see how long it really takes. You’ll probably be surprised at how much quicker the chore went than you thought! Plus, next time you’re faced with this same task, you’ll be more likely to dive right in and do it.

What are you putting off? Go grab a timer and do it now! See how great it feels to mark that task off your to-do list, and take note of how little time it actually takes to get done!

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