Friday, May 29, 2009

how to "start small"

I’m a huge advocate of “Starting Small” and only biting off as much as you can chew...but sometimes it is so difficult to look at a huge organizing project (several months and years of disorganization) and know where to start. It feels overwhelming…even to professionals!!

The difference is that professionals bite the bullet and get started (that’s what we are paid to do!) and when it’s your own house, it’s a lot easier to just “put it off until later” does this sound familiar?

So where should you start?

My advice would be first to pick a SMALL area in your home or office that bothers you the most. This could be under your bed, in your closet, a kitchen or bathroom drawer…something that will only take a hour or so to see significant results.

Second, focus only on that one place. If you go through the room, picking up stuff here and there, then you'll feel like you're not getting anything done. Organize until you can see the desktop, or the kitchen counter, or a small section of the floor, and then move on to the area right next to it. This way, you will see results more quickly…which will be encouragement to continue.

Finally, when your small area is organized, it might not seem like a big deal compare to the projects that are still before you…but make it a priority to maintain that small spot while you continue to work on additional areas around your home and/or office. If you get in the habit of maintaining your one small area…you will eliminate the need to come back and start all over again.

Before you know it, your space will be neat and organized! Get started today!

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