Saturday, May 30, 2009

new uses for old things

I love finding new ways to use existing items in my home. It forces me to be more creative and it saves me money because I don't need to go out and buy whatever I need.

One item I can find lots of use for are trays. You can use food trays, decorative trays, office trays, or even just a large picture frame. If you don’t have any trays…keep looking…I’m guessing you have some buried in the basement! If not, you can easily find something that would work at a thrift store for a buck or two.

The great thing about using trays is that everything looks neat and organized b/c it is grouped together…but you can still have stuff sitting out and visible!

So, how can you organize with trays? Let me show you how:

The office

· Use trays as in-out containers for bills, receipts, and documents that are coming in or going out. You can stack them and label them so you know where every paper goes

· Use trays to coral mugs of pens, pencils, paper clips and other office supplies

· Use separate trays for different projects and/or clients you are working on/with

In the kitchen

· Use for recipe books, menu plans, grocery lists, coupons, etc.

· Use one tray for each family member to sort mail, homework, and other personalized notes, etc.

· Keep one by the phone with pen, paper, messages and an address/phone book

· Use a decorative tray to hold bottles of oils and spices for easy access and to save cabinet space

In your craft area

· Trays work beautifully for keeping different colored paper and project boards neat, tidy and organized.

· Have a tray for each of your (or your children’s) “in-progress” projects

· Display your craft supplies on a decorative tray for easy access and an organized feel

There are lots of additional uses for trays…feel free to share any of yours with me…these are just a few to get your started!

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