Saturday, May 9, 2009

play to your strengths

There is a little-known secret that, once understood, will absolutely change the way you run your life. That secret is using your natural energy cycles, or playing to your strengths. When you work with your energy cycles instead of against them, you save time because you do things faster, with more clarity and with greater focus.

With the busyness of Spring upon us, we can't afford to waste any quick, grab a piece of paper and answer these four questions…

1. Are you a night owl or an early bird?
If you're an early bird like me, then plan your life so that you start the day off with your to-do list in hand ready to work…and make sure you don’t have a lot of work to do after 9:00 pm!! If you are a night owl, plan to start your day slowly and work into your routine.

2. When do you do your best creative work?
I don't know if the real creative types will agree with me but I think that any form of writing uses the creative side of our brains.

If I try to “be creative” at the end of the day, it takes me FOREVER! When I leave the project and do it early in the morning, the ideas flow easier and the quality is just better.

3. When do you do your best logical/ reasoning work?
This involves things like budgeting, playing with spreadsheets working with numbers, etc. Figure this out and as best as you can, try and schedule these kinds of tasks when that side of your brain is awake and kicking!

4. When do you prefer to exercise?
Um, never ;) Okay, let me rephrase: if you had to exercise, when would be the best time for you? This usually works the same as number 1 but if you find that if you're stuck, lacking motivation or just feeling overwhelmed, you might want to add in some exercise to jump-start yourself.

This week's coaching challenge
a. Pick a task you've been procrastinating on.
b. After you've identified the type of task, work on it at a different time of day.
c. Get it done

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