Tuesday, June 2, 2009

7 reasons to get organized

If you’re feeling weighed down by clutter, summer is an excellent time to lighten up and create some breathing room. Here are seven reasons to get organized now…and some simple ideas on how to do it!

Reason Number 1: Longer Days
There’s more daylight this time of year, so use it to your advantage! Set your alarm clock fifteen minutes earlier, and spend this time decluttering one hotspot in your home. Do that every day this summer and just think how much clutter you can clear out by fall!

Reason Number 2: It’s Vacation Season
One of the reasons you go on vacation is to get away from it all, right? Wouldn’t it feel terrific if your home became your get-away-from-it-all spot? It can be with a small dose of decluttering and organizing! Schedule some “vacation days” to spend turning your home into a relaxing retreat.

Reason Number 3: More Sun = More Energy
I don’t know about you, but I naturally have even more energy during the summer than any other time of year. If you feel this way, too, put that energy to use tackling one of your bigger organizing projects—like the basement, attic or garage!

Reason Number 4: It’s Hot Outside and Cool Inside!
When the days get too hot to go outside, turn on the A.C. and do some good old-fashioned decluttering! It will feel so refreshing to lighten things up inside when it’s scorching hot outside!

Reason Number 5: Your Schedule Just Got Some Breathing Room
Lack of time is a common roadblock to getting organized. If lack of time is an obstacle for you, here’s some good news. Summer often offers relief to overcrowded schedules when seasonal activities like school, sports, and even T.V. programs take time off. Invest this extra time organizing your home, and you’ll feel even more in control when your schedule ramps up again in the fall.

Reason Number 6: The Kids Are Out of School

Helpers can also help the time-crunched person who is craving more order. Keep this in mind: kids make terrific organizing helpers. If you have kids of your own, spend time together this summer clearing their bedrooms, toy rooms, or craft areas. You’ll start the new school year organized and ready to go! Or enlist the help of a teenage neighbor to help on your own organizing projects. Extra hands get the job done quicker, freeing up time for more summer fun!

Reason Number 7: It’s a Great Time for a Fresh Start!
Any time the seasons change is a wonderful excuse to reevaluate and start anew. Create a fresh start inside your home by bringing in some fresh-cut flowers and letting go of some stale, unneeded clutter!

Get started today!
If you’re motivated to get organized this summer, start today! Pick one idea from the list above and put it into action. Call a neighbor teen and seek their help in getting organized, or set your alarm clock fifteen minutes earlier and create a new summer decluttering habit! Just remember, it is action that creates change. So pick one action to take and follow up on it today.

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