Tuesday, June 23, 2009

chill out this summer

Summer can be a wonderfully lazy time of the year, but that doesn't mean we can't be productive at the same time. Here are a few examples to help you organize so you can chill out this summer.

1. Plan your dinner first thing in the morning. Make it a crock pot or grill meal to save even more time.

2. Have your dessert planned--something cool and fresh like fruit, pudding, Jell-o, or a simple scoop of ice cream.

3. Going to the beach? Have everything packed up and in the car the night before--including non- perishable foods. If possible have all the perishable foods prepped and ready to grab from the refrigerator and placed in your cooler before you leave.

4. Plan some short distance (especially with the cost of gasoline) local places to visit. Visit a local museum, or park. Pretend you are visiting a new city and look at it with 'new eyes,' even if you have been there before.

5. Have a picnic dinner one evening each week. Sit outside and have sandwiches--perhaps the kids can prepare them. If the weather doesn't cooperate, have a picnic in the family room or living room! It

6. Put away some of your decorations for the summer. Your house will look more 'empty' and free for the summer. Less to dust and clean, and more time to play!

7. Plan on doing yard work either early in the morning or late afternoon to avoid working in the heat of the day.

8. Enjoy not having plans a few of days a week. Sleep later and just enjoy the day, read, or work on crafts. When you make your schedule for the week, leave a day or two open to just enjoy.

9. Have a movie marathon! Make a simple meal that includes finger foods, sit in the family room and watch movies together.

10. Each week, exchange a meal. Cook a double-size meal for your family and give half of that meal to a neighbor. Then your neighbor does the same for you.

Enjoy the summer months and make the time to relax with these simple ideas!

For more organizing ideas, visit my website: www.andreadekker.com

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