Thursday, June 11, 2009

enjoy a vacation from paper

School is officially out…which means you finally have a break from all the paper your kids bring home from school! Before you settle into a well-deserved vacation from paper, take time now to handle any lingering action items left over from the past school year.

  • Take time this week to fill out the registration forms for the upcoming school year. It will feel much better to know this task is complete, rather than have it hanging over your head all summer long.
  • Record important dates for the upcoming school year on the calendar now, too. Include dates like the first day of school, school holidays, and so on. If you didn’t get these dates from your school yet, they’re probably posted on your district’s website.
  • Cull through any remaining school papers and artwork from the past year. Pull out the keepers and store them in a file folder or binder. Recycle the rest!

By taking a few simple action steps now, you can clear away last year’s school paper clutter and really enjoy your vacation from school paper!

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