Monday, June 15, 2009

get your car in order

Do you feel you practically live in your car? Maybe that’s because you use it to run errands, drive to work, cart your children to school, chauffeur sport activities, music practice, and don’t forget family vacations! If you use your car like a second home, it most likely will get disorganized…which might also be like your house!!

So how do you keep it organized, yet still fully stocked with all the supplies you need? Here are a few ideas!

What to keep in the front seat:

- Sun glasses

- Cell phone and charger

- Maps and/or directions

- Cds, mp3 players and other music

- Kleenex and/or napkins

- Chapstick, lotion, gum, etc.

Purchase a universal center console organizer to hold all of these random items so they don’t go flying all over the front of your car. You can find some very nice organizers at or Also, make sure you maximize the use of your glove compartment and any other storage cubbies you may have in your vehicle.

It is really important to keep the front of your car organized so you won’t need to look for items while you are driving!

What to keep in the back seat:

- Umbrella

- Atlas

- Snacks and drinks (especially if you have children)

- Games and toys to keep children occupied

- Trash bin or bag

Over-the-seat organizers are great for corralling all of this “stuff” that you need to have but can get totally out of control if it’s not organized. Also, make sure that your children can reach the trash can; otherwise things will not get thrown away!

What to keep in the trunk:

- Reusable shopping bags

- Extra blankets, pillows

- Jumper cables

- First Aid kit

- Lawn chairs

You can get fancy trunk organizers from your car dealership or from most auto supply stores but you can also just use cardboard boxes or laundry baskets to corral all the clutter in your trunk. Keep like items together and you will always have the things you need at hand!

With all the clutter control you have done you now have a "second home" you can be proud of.

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