Tuesday, June 16, 2009

more maintenance

It's my birthday today...

So, I'm taking the day off of organizing...kind of!

I'm not going to tackle any huge organizing projects; however, I am not completely off the hook. Maintenance is still the key to achieving an organized home, office, family and life.

We can't expect to work really hard organizing our closet and then neglect to put our clothes away! It would spiral out of control very quickly. Same thing goes with any other part of your home and/or life. If you spend the time to get it organized, take a few minutes hear and there (even on your birthday!) to keep things organized.

This means putting things away when you are finished with them: filing papers that need to be filed, hanging clothes that have been washed, putting clean dishes back in the cupboard, packing the toys away for the night, etc.

All of these things take a little time, but no where near that amount of time and effort it would take once things get out of control!

So, do yourself a favor and pick 5 areas to maintain today!

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