Tuesday, June 30, 2009

reflecting on 3 years

Today is my husband and my 3-year wedding anniversary...my how time flies! We've had so many good times...a few not-so-good times...and we've learned a lot!

I was thinking about how many adjustments we both had to make (and still make) to compensate for a difference of opinion, differences in taste, differences in traditions and even differences in organization and cleanliness...ah hem!

Since, I'm in the business of organization, I want you all to know that it took some trial and error to figure out how to arrange, and rearrange, our stuff so that it was functional and practical for my husband and still organized enough for my taste! My husband didn't understand that even though something was behind a cabinet door or inside of a drawer, it still had to be organized...men!

Ok, on a more serious note, organization is a continual process and we are still rearranging things in ways we feel are a better fit for our life styles. We change, as I'm sure you and your families do, which means your organizational habits should change too.

Also, remember that to really have an organized home, you have to involve the others who live with you. I definitely had to give in on some of my husbands requests, and although he is actually very clean, I have to let him have a space where he can just put stuff without worrying about how organized it is (this is a small closet in our office). If I never stop to get his opinion, he will be less likely to comply with my requests to be organized. However, since I include him in my organizing decisions and know when to give in, he respects my desire for a clean and organized home...and we are both happy (most of the time!)

So just remember, it's a continual process but if you involve your family in the process, it won't seem as overwhelming.

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