Monday, June 8, 2009

tips to leave the office on time

Below is a question from one of our readers...and some of my ideas!

How do I leave the office on time...or even a little early? I am working so late every evening and I don't have a life outside of my work.

This is a question I often hear from my clients…does it sound familiar to you too? If you are putting in extra longs hours at work, here are a few suggestions to help you shorten up your work day.

1. Make a list at the end of every day
This will help you to hit the ground running every day when you get to work.

2. Focus on your priorities first
Do nothing else until your main priorities are accomplished every day.

3. Set some time boundaries
If you are currently working until 6 or 7 every night (or even later), then set a small goal that says you won't work until later than 6 every night next week (or earlier if you can). Then stick to it.

The next week set your goal a bit earlier - 5.45 and then 5.30 until you're working shorter less and less at night. You can work late now and again but don't make it a habit.

4. Set reminders in Outlook
Set a recurring appointment for the next month. The appointment should be made for 30 minutes before you want to leave your office and should say tidy desk and write tomorrow's to-do list. If you really find it hard to leave, make an appointment outside the office so that you absolutely have to leave at a certain time.

If you put these four tips into practice consistently, I guarantee that you will soon be leaving your office earlier to enjoy the rest of your life. Of course, these same principles apply whether you work from home or outside your home.

Your challenge this week

Honestly evaluate if you're spending too much time working. Yes or no?

Does your life feel like your ideal life, the life you've always dreamed of?

Try to leave a office a little earlier this week!

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