Monday, June 22, 2009

turn your clutter into cash

If you watch the NEWS, read a paper or check your e-mail, you've probably been hearing a lot of talk about the "horrible" economic conditions we are currentl facing. Things are getting tight...but who says you can't do anything about it?

We all have stuff (clutter) that we never use or don't need lying around our homes, taking up valuable space and robbing us of an organized home. So, how can you turn this clutter into cash?

No, don't worry, I'm not going to tell you to have a garage sale!

Sell it on Craig's List.

For those of you who don't know what Craig's List is, it is a website that you can go to and either buy or sell nearly everything imaginable. It is very cool because you to sell your unused items to people that live in your town so you don't need to worry about shipping...but the best part is that Craig's List is FREE!! Yes, there is no cost for you to sell things on this website!

I've done a fair amount of selling myself and am encouraging clients to do the same. Some have actually made several thousand dollars in a matter of months!!

So how can you be sucessful on Craig's List?
  1. Take digital pictures of all the items you want to sell and load them onto your computer
  2. Accurately measure any large items and make sure to list them with your post
  3. Sell only one item per post...this makes it easier to track and you should get more view this way
  4. Put a reasonable price tag on your items and let people know that you are willing to negotiate...after all, you do want to get rid of the stuff.
  5. Don't include personal information like your address or phone number in the post. You can give that out latter once you have an interested buyer.
  6. Don't sell to anyone from out of the state or the country...only deal locally with people who can pick it up in person.
  7. It is wise to only accept cash for your items. This is safer than checks.
  8. Make sure you check your e-mail regularly after you post items for sale. You will be surprised how quickly people might contact you!

It is not difficult to turn a bunch of clutter into just need to be proactive!! Visit today!

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