Tuesday, July 28, 2009

get your family on board

Having an organized household will allow you to spend more quality time with your family. The key to this scenario is to get your home organized and have it stay that way. That means the entire family needs to support your mission. Here are some ways to motivate your family towards that goal.

1. Be the example: Make sure that you get organized before you expect everyone else in your family to become organized.

2. Set clear and reasonable expectations: For example, do not expect children who are too young to participate in heavy cleaning and organizing. Do not give small children jobs that are out of their reach and are not accessible (i.e. high shelves).

3. Create a chore chart: A chore chart is an excellent visual tool to remind everyone of their chores and it shows everyone how they are progressing. Gather each family member's input and it becomes a family responsibility. Also, keep in mind that homework should be included on the chore chart.

4. Have a reward system: Find out what types of rewards motivate your children and us it! You can also implement a family reward if everyone gets their chores done. And do not forget to reiterate the obvious rewards of having an organized home by making the end result of their hard work visible in their minds.

5. Make organizing fun: Turn on upbeat music that everyone enjoys listening to during chores. Turn chores into a game or even a contest to see who can put away the most things away. Consider setting a timer and making it a race. This will create a burst of energy to beat the buzzer.

6. Keep it interesting: As children get older and more skilled in completing chores around the house, they will usually want different or more challenging things to do. Make sure to change the routine and the rewards as time progresses.

7. Determine where family members are already organized and build upon their strengths.

8. Make sure to get on the same page as your spouse: Nothing is worse that being inconsistent with the children with mom saying one thing and dad saying another. Discuss the chores with your spouse beforehand and agree on the rules and guidelines. This will eliminate any frustration and resistance on your child's part when chores are being done.

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