Thursday, July 2, 2009

learn to remember

How many times have you gone shopping and forgotten your list? Have you forgotten your best friend's birthday again? These simple, but very effective, tips are excellent tools to help you remember stuff.

1. Write it down: If you don't record tasks you need to do, those tasks are bound to be forgotten. Write down what needs to be remembered and place your note in an obvious area, like one the bathroom mirror or the kitchen refrigerator.

2. Spread some cheer...on time. How about those birthday cards you mean to send out and then forget? Usually near the end of the previous month is a good time to mail. Just send out ALL the cards for the following month at once.

3. Send yourself an email or a voicemail. The message will sit in your inbox until you've done whatever you've reminded yourself to do. Then, you can simply delete it.

4. Carry a little notebook: It can be a little bound tablet tucked into your purse or pocket. If you need to do something, just jot it down and you'll be able to refer to it daily.

5. Get into a routine: Designate certain days to do certain things. For example, do laundry on Mondays, do errands on Tuesdays and so on.

6. Set an alarm: Have to make a call at 11A or pick up your son from soccer practice at 4? Use your watch, oven timer or cell phone alarm feature, so it beeps when you have to leave.

7. Make it obvious: Have to return DVDs? Leave them in a tote bag on the door handle where you exit your home. Have to stop to get gas before work tomorrow? Leave a sticky note on your steering wheel. Need to remember to take your medication? Leave a note on your bathroom mirror.

Put these simple ideas into practice and your forgetful ways will be a thing of the past!

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